The Jesse Brogan Website

The Management Upgrade Shop points to the home of Management Engineering, with its recent expansion into People’s Engineering. This is professional and technical performance support for senior management and others who have to gain results through their interaction with larger organizations.

The Management Engineering Newsletter points to the homepage for a series of articles and documents relating to Management engineering that have been distributed to key industrial engineering and business education leaders. Most can be downloaded for free.

JWB is the website for Jesse W. Brogan as a person, with some biographical information. It links to papers that open a different understanding of how to follow Jesus. It has links to many works written by Mr. Brogan that relate to faith,to the concept of discipleship, and to books written by Jesse Brogan.

Activist points to the website for the civilization activist, a person who is intent on bringing benefit to humanity, whether in whole or in part. It provides links to major works of unique value to the activist, and contains the initial plan for accomplishing beneficial change.